Project Management

Image of Stairwell, Reform Club, Pall Mall, London by Dayle BaylissThe expertise of working within a consultancy environment allows the team to pull together a range of disciplines to achieve the rewards of a successful project. The management skills co-ordinate all aspects of a construction project team and the specialist skills required with each individual construction project. Our established relationships co-ordinate Architects, Structural Engineers, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers and specialist consultants.

With the experience of working on all sides of the construction team we are able to advise on contractor appointment to ensure that the right team is coordinated to realise the goals of any project.

Project Management roles include the £1million refurbishment of the decorative surfaces to a Grade I Listed Building on Pall Mall, London.  Where the sensitive nature of the repair work and the need to retain as much of the existing fabric as possible required close liaison with the specialist contractors, the Local Authority and English Heritage.  The extent of the repairs encouraged the team to work on a long term maintenance strategy for the building to limit future loss of fabric and prevent accelerated deterioration to the decorative surfaces.

Our team members are also PRINCE2 Practitoners, allowing PRINCE2 methodologies and transfer of information to be applied to all thher projects.  This approach looks to tailor the Project Management approach to the requirements of the individual project.