Consultancy Services

Dayle and Johanna 2Those that know the team understand there dedication to skills, enterprise and innovation.  As advocate an for improving skills and raising aspirations see’s Dayle involved in a number of key boards across Suffolk and Norfolk.  These roles combined with her technical skills and consultancy experience forms the basis of a different approach to Construction Consultancy.  Whether its creating a space for business incubation or developing strategic plans to address skills shortages, we are able to approach challenges in a unique and co-ordinated way to deliver results.

For construction projects we offer an innovative approach that allows us to look more strategic at the needs of your project.  We understand the challenges of running a business and look to see how your proposed project can work with the business to assist with wider issues.  Whether these are operational issues or addressing wellbeing and employee engagement, we  look to see what opportunities can be utilised within the project.

We work in community projects to look at skills and innovation, bringing together our stakeholder contacts to look at opportunities.  Our there ways of doing things differently to achieve new results?  Can we improve engagement and work in a way that really delivers positive outcomes?  Can existing initiatives be bought into the project or can we challenge the norm to improve and innovate. We collaborate with stakeholders to engage them in the approach and deliver results, but we do this as part of a team to change, but also enhance the outcomes.

Whether its the conversion of an existing building or converting two shipping containers to a cafe our technical knowledge, combined with these consultancy skills deliver something that is quite unique and exciting.

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