• New Project – Stowmarket Community Cafe @TheRec

    AtTheRec.SITEBOARD.FINAL.v2@TheRec Project is a partnership between Stowmarket Town Council and MENTA – we were approached by MENTA to work with them to develop a community café.

    Through our collaborative approach and working with our team of professionals we have not only designed the café but also worked on the brand identity that focus’ on the community space and how the community ‘own’ the space.

    @TheRec is more than just a café it is a space for engagement and business support that will be led by MENTA. This is a different approach to supporting the community and encouraging and support entrepreneurs in the region.  It is hoped that this is a model that other communities look to and can adopt in their areas.  Its about giving a space for skill development and a good cup of coffee.

    We have assisted Stowmarket Town Council with the Architectural Design, construction advice and CDM Coordinator roles.

    The project is due to open in May as part of MENTA’s 30 year celebrations.

    You can follow the project on Twitter @_TheRec

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