• Building Information Modelling – the opportunity for the start up SME

    BIM ImagesBuilding Information Modelling (BIM) is the new buzz word in construction.

    Everyone is talking about BIM and its impact on the construction industry, but what is the impact for surveyors?

    We are a firm of surveyors and designers, established two years ago.  From the outset our focus was collaborative working and knowledge sharing, something lead by the social media age that we work within.  This led to an early interest in BIM processes and how this fits into the way we work.  BIM allows the integration between all elements of the project into one model, creating a more unified approach from all involved in the project and resulting in reduced delays and costs from unforeseen changes or variations.  This makes BIM the ideal solution for providing better buildings for our clients which last.

    BIM is not just technology for producing construction information but a process to be applied to projects.  It is this approach that has created a lot of enthusiasm in the office.  Our more simplified structure as an SME allows us to be more flexible and adapt accordingly, resulting in this quickly being added to the Business Plan as an area of development.

    At the same time as this, more information started to appear about BIM for SMEs and in particular one discussion on LinkedIn which caused a lot of debate – “BIM will create a Tesco V Sainsbury style construction industry, killing off most ‘corner shop’ SME contractors in the supply chain.”

    As a young practice we are always open to new technology, especially when it improves our client’s experience or improves our efficiency, so we wanted to be an SME that offered BIM.  The drawback for implementation was the upgrade required to our software, hardware, training and with no immediate BIM projects on the table, making it seem a high price to invest to be able to compete with large companies, with no guarantee of a return on that investment.  This adds to the LinkedIn debate of killing off the ‘corner shop’ SME, however, the focus has to be more with embracing the concept and the processes.  With collaborative working being the driver of our practice, by embracing technology to share information and to use it to enhance the experience, it is exciting to see how BIM is developing and the opportunities it will bring.

    We believe that BIM is the future and to be at the cutting edge of the construction sector it needs to be embraced.  The reality is to either incorporate BIM and invest, or realise that if it isn’t offered, then a sector of the construction market will be lost to your business.

    Dayle Bayliss Associates LLP are a practice of Construction Consultants offering Surveying, Project Management and Architectural Design, to find out more visit www.daylebayliss.co.uk or email info@daylebayliss.co.uk

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