• Advice on School and Educational Buildings Extensions and Alterations

    Here at Dayle Bayliss Construction Consultants we have worked on a number of schools buildings, this includes long term planning, feasibility studies as well as architectural design and project management.  This experience of working on education buildings means that we understand the often restrictive timescales and budget constraints that need to be considered.

    One of the processes that can add to the programme for a development at a school can be the planning application process.  Whilst a large scale development or extension cannot avoid the process there are some permitted developments that can avoid this delay.

    Under the General Permitted Development Order 1995 there are a couple of options available to schools:

    An extension up to 25% of the original floor space or 100 square meters, whichever is the lesser, however, there are caveats that can restrict this development and the total floor area is classed as the original school so may already have been used up by previous projects.

    For schools owned by the local authority there is an additional allowance of any small ancillary building, works or equipment on land belonging or maintained by them required for the purposes of any function exercised by them.  This offers a greater amount of flexibility but more open to interpretation on whether the proposals are an ancillary function.

    Due to this degree of interpretation and flexibility we would always recommend that a discussion is had with the Local Authority to clarify their interpretation and to prevent any issues at a later date, but these two possible opt outs to planning permission mean there is a route to reduce costs and time to a development.

    Where planning is required we work with the clients to achieve deadlines and ensure that the works are programmed to minimise the disruptions, this includes working with dedicated contractors that understand these needs.  We also extensive knowledge for working on Listed Buildings and within Conservation Areas.

    If you are thinking of an extension or redevelopment project at a school please get in touch and hopefully we can be of assistance.

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